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Porto /

El pasado viernes nos invitaron a dar una conferencia en el marco del European Symposium on Research in Architecture and Urban Design EURAU12 para presentar el trabajo de investigación que realizamos a través del grupo armo en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid


The city, and more specifically the neighborhoods, as differentiated fragments of it, inevitably have to adapt to the new communication technologies which have already altered and will continue to modify the social organization of city dwellers. We must transform these small prostheses into elements of proximity and of dialogue between people who live in the same neighborhood and use the same spaces. To the usual urban signage and visual systems we must now add the icons and new situations relative to these new prostheses. We propose a landscape in which the physical and the virtual coexist knowingly, conveying different meanings both for frequent and occasional user. Our proposal implies living the neighborhood as a physical and virtual labyrinth where you can abandon yourself to leisure and enjoyment, losing all sense of time and space, only to find yourself again through a sequence of different epiphanies.

autores. raffaele puggioni, daniel fraile, luis gutierrez /

organiza. Faculdade de Arquitectura da Universidade do Porto /

fechas. del 12 al 15 de septiembre /